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How to Save Money on Business Software

Your Business At Your Fingertips

When you are manufacturing a product, you don’t put the parts in different places all over your factory.  You have everything you need in one place, to increase efficiency and avoid wasted motion.  The same principle is true for your software!

ProSTART MFG is a versatile, full-featured program that has everything you need in ONE cohesive program that follows along with your business workflow from leads to sales, production to shipments… and beyond.  Built and tested for over 12 years by ACG Technologies, which has been in business for over 20 years.  Now you can automate work processes for faster data entry and execution of tasks within the program that governs your business.

A terrific attribute of ProSTART MFG is its intuitive interface, eliminating the need for double entry.  Use it as a ready-made solution, or customize it for your unique business processes.  Many functions can be run on a computer or mobile device such as a tablet.

Flexibility Made Easier

A powerful new way to integrate your manufacturing processes
with a whole new array of features!

ProSTART MFG is crafted with the same built-in flexibility and readiness for use as ProSTART, and is designed for a variety of manufacturing businesses that assemble products, or “units” with a Bill of Materials.  We developed 80 to 100% of what you’ll need for your business, which saves thousands of dollars in development costs.  The key to any manufacturing software is the Workflow Process.  ProSTART MFG has a robust, flexible, customizable Workflow Process built right in, providing a relatively short development track that leverages the advantages of ProSTART, and integrates your manufacturing processes with its powerful array of features.


Typical Workflow Made Easier with ProSTART Manufacturing

The sequence of events and tasks is very flexible.  This is one example of a typical workflow.

  1. Make a Quote as needed, including options, warranties, service plans, etc.
  2. Revise the Quote (if needed), and link it to previous quotations
  3. When accepted, Convert Quote to a Sales Order
  4. Release the SO to production and notify the customer
  5. Automate Purchase Orders when fulfilling your SO’s
  6. Coordinate the receipt of parts with the production process
  7. Assemble or manufacture the item(s) for the order
  8. QC and testing of units and/or products
  9. Release from QC to shipping
  10. Alleviate from inventory the parts and materials used for the order
  11. Process shipment and tracking number, release to a carrier, and notify the customer
  12. Confirm delivery and generate an invoice

Own It!

Your Data is Your Business!

You own your business, so why not own the software that runs your business and contains all your important data?

  • ACG Azure Cloud includes all licensing including ProSTART MFG
  • Or host it on your own network and lease to own – the choice is yours!

ProSTART MFG ProSTART MFG is based on a platform that has been reliable for over 20 years, so you don’t have to worry about the long-term stability of the company that maintains your program. You can buy a full developer license and customize it yourself, or let ACG’s team of experts transform your vision into a custom program that has all the features that make your business unique!


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An End-to-End, paperless manufacturing solution that significantly increases process efficiencies.

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