Integrated Software: The Benefits of an Affordable End-To-End Business Solution

Integrated software gives you a competitive edge in a fast-paced business climate.

It provides real-time data at your fingertips, so you can find performance speed bumps or react to changes in the market. It smooths the way for flawless transactions. Employees have ready access to the data they need to fix problems and boost customer satisfaction.
This isn’t possible with outdated, patchwork systems. Old systems are often standalone and build walls between departments. Data can’t be easily shared. Employees are stuck inputting data into multiple programs, juggling passwords and updates, and wasting on-the-clock time.

In contrast, integrated systems allow information to flow seamlessly through all departments, from one process to the next. Functionality is built-in where you need it most: tracking sales, invoicing, CRM, and more.

Businesses small or large reap big benefits from integrated software systems. Forbes writes that the average business loses $9.7 million each year due to poor data. Outdated software has hidden costs as well, from downtime to missed sales.

An End to End Business Software Solution.

There are three main ways that an integrated software platform can transform your business for the better:

1. It drives growth. Businesses that thrive “are quick to read and react to signals of change,” according to the Harvard Business Review. They are up-to-date not only with products and services but with software.

To grow, you need to know what is working and what is creating a roadblock to success. Integrated software can generate audits and reports that give you a birds’ eye view of what is happening with your business. This keeps you at the top of your industry. Business models change fast these days—as cautionary tales tell us. Kodak faltered because it was unable to adapt to digital cameras. IBM lost the lead on computing and never regained it. Information is definitely power in the digital age.

IntProSTART MFG Imageegrated software drives growth because:

  • It frees you up to do what you really care about—growing your business. An integrated system means that all programs are on a centralized hub. Instead of learning multiple programs, employees only need to train on dashboards integratedized for your business. Ecommerce, purchase orders, inventory, vendors, cloud services, service ticketing, calendar—it’s right there in one place.
  • This streamlined design helps you to adapt faster to change. Is business booming? Are locations expanding? Are new customer needs emerging? An integrated platform shares vital information instantly, even between locations. Any software questions are guided to one IT vendor who knows your business well. And expanding your platform is easy. Integrated software is designed to evolve over time. You won’t have to hassle with many types of slapped-together software that don’t know how to “talk” to each other.

2. It saves time, which saves money. If your employees use standalone software, they have to tediously input the same data into multiple programs. They have to gather data from different departments to write reports, a process that can drag on for weeks. Software glitches and tech problems from multiple programs drain your employees’ time. In contrast, integrated software systems store all the data in one place. There’s no more hunting around on multiple spreadsheets for information. Reports are ready in hours.

3. Integrated software systems create visibility. Visibility means that you can easily “see” what’s going on with your business. It’s key to warding off problems before they happen. A lack of visibility is linked to supply chain problems, inventory issues (overstock or understock), delivery mishaps, and more. Integrated software helps with visibility in these ways:

  • It helps your employees make informed decisions. They can get instant access to information, no matter what department they’re in. If they can make good decisions on the spot, it improves customer satisfaction and transaction speed.
  • It helps management make informed decisions. You need integrated business management tools to keep track of finance, marketing, sales, staffing, and other areas. If you’re dealing with multiple databases, it’s tough to create an updated sales module. You’re reduced to making “off the cuff” decisions that may not be based on business realities. Integrated software gives you detailed reports so you’re always in the loop. You can make the right business decisions to steer your company towards success.

At ProSTART, our systems are cost-effective but expertly tailored to your business needs. We provide core technology so you don’t have to start from the ground up to build your ideal software platform. This saves you money compared to other developers. Then, we work with you to integratedize the architecture, shaping it to your optimal design.

At ProSTART we offer end-to-end business software solutions (E2ES). That means we handle every stage of software platform development. We create the design, perform installation and provide ongoing maintenance.

Individual software programs may perform their own functions well. But when several are lumped together, they can be a logistical bad dream for your company. There’s a tendency to cling to the familiar in life and business. But today’s most successful businesses are willing to embrace business automation to make them better. As John D. Rockefeller said, “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” Once you trade in your old stand-alone systems for an integrated one, great is exactly how you’ll feel.