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Production Dashboard

  • Shows all units in production by week, the stage they are in, and other key information
  • Easily drill down to the Sales Orders, Devices, or Inventory information
  • Overdue orders are highlighted in a prominent position
  • Also displays external Field Service orders, and internal Work Orders
  • Designate expedited or custom orders, and they highlight on the dashboard
  • Intelligent reports and utilities to fully or semi-automate processes that typically delay production

Central Device Record

  • Every unit you build has its own record, serial number, and provenance in the database for ease of tracking, managing warranties, etc.
  • “Units” (i.e. the things you build) can be one-offs, customized from templates, or standard, repeated builds
  • Links to “Product Families” or Item Types, where shared attributes can be referenced, including Warranties, QA and other Forms
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) is easily viewable (see below for more BOM features)
  • Builds are managed with a comprehensive “Production Traveler” – click to see more

Device BOM Revision History

  • Item records contain the BOM and revision management, specific to your types of units
  • Include individual parts or assemblies (each with their own BOM) up to 5 levels deep
  • Parts Cost, Labor, and Estimated Cost for pricing are viewable by Admin users
  • Easily track BOM Revision history and details for ISO 9001 compliance

Easily Compare Item BOM’s

  • ProSTART MFG’s unique “BOM Comparison” feature lets you view multiple BOMs side-by-side on the same screen!.
  • Optional BOM Template management by Item Type, which may be applied to new Items as needed
  • Print the BOM, or view in a dynamic screen to expand or collapse components

Manager Production Reporting

  • Run a dynamic “SO Fulfillment Report” by Sales Order, Device, or an entire week of Sales Orders
  • The SO Fulfillment report tells you if parts have been ordered, and if there are enough on hand (or on order) to fulfill the order(s)
  • Other Manager Reports are available in a quick menu on the dashboard, or a built-in portfolio of ready-made reports in ProSTART’s dynamic Reports Module
  • Manage your reports in the administrative area, or ask ACG’s team of experienced developers to create a custom report for your business needs!


An End-to-End, paperless manufacturing solution that significantly increases process efficiencies.

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Device BOM Revision History

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