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Sales Module

Quotes, Estimates, and Revisions
  • Calculate margins and make revisions that are all related to each quote
  • Create full-featured Projects from Estimates in one click!
Sales Dashboard
  • Shows scheduled events, email, contacts, or whatever you need!
  • Track opportunities for increased sales
Customers, Agents, and Prospects
  • Manage a variety of customers, contacts, consultants, third-party reps, commission sales staff
ProCOM Email Manager
  • Integration with Outlook and email servers, custom email notifications, and more!
Instant Sales Orders
  • Many automated features to quickly and accurately convert a Quote to a Sales Order
  • Sales Orders may be released to production after defined events or requirements

Production Management

Production Dashboard
  • Shows all units in production by week, the stage they are in, and other key information
  • Designate expedited or custom orders, and they highlight on the dashboard
  • Intelligent reports and utilities to fully or semi-automate processes that typically delay production
Central Device Record
  • Every unit you build has its own record, serial number, and provenance in the database for ease of tracking, managing warranties, etc.
  • “Units” (i.e. the things you build) can be one-offs, customized from templates, or standard, repeated builds
  • Bill of Materials and revision management, specific to your types of units
  • Parts Cost, Labor, and Estimated Cost built in

Production Fulfillment

Production Dashboard
  • A flexible, iPad-friendly app to guide line assembly, QC, inspection forms, access to wire lists & diagrams, and much more!
  • Take and store pictures of any stage, using your built-in iPad camera (iPads and hardware not included)
Order Fulfillment Utility
  • Tells you when to expect key parts in relation to expected delivery dates
PO Generator
  • Use this to create POs based on sales, item types, and inventory levels
  • Intelligent Purchase Orders that can be scheduled, lead times tracked, and tracking info monitored
Quality Control and Forms
  • Customize the forms and processes you employ, and track them by Device
Vendors Portal website
  • A branded website where your vendors can obtain POs and update your database on the status

Shipping Module

Shipping Dashboard
  • Rapid, organized access to orders ready to ship, in progress, and shipped
Shipping iPad App
  • An iPad-friendly Shipping tool to inspect and fill out a Shipping Checklist, obtain carrier signature, enter tracking information, notify customers, etc.
Special Deliveries
  • Will Call, Drop-shipments, and coordination of external deliverables (e.g. batteries)
  • Linked with POs, inventory, and even quality control if needed
Order Status website
  • Order Tracking web app (customizable for your own website) for customers or reps to track the stages of their orders

Inventory Management

Full-featured Inventory Module
  • Tracks usage, inventory levels, costing, ordering, receiving… and much more!
  • Barcode scanning
  • Costing by FIFO, LIFO, or averaged
  • Receiving, RMAs, and returns
  • Kits, bundles, Bill of Materials
  • Optional integration with your point-of-sale website, or let us design one for you!
Unit of Measure
  • Intelligent tracking of inventory levels based on UOM procurement and allocation
Multi-Level Pricing
  • Assign different levels of pricing and commissions to be used for different customers
Internal Work Orders
  • Special order processing for the parts or sub-components you build on-site
Product Lines
  • Organize items, forms, documents, and other resources by Product Line
Vendor Comparison
  • See which vendors offer the best prices based on your system’s data

Invoicing and Bookkeeping

Intelligent Invoicing & Payments
  • Invoicing Module that is independent of, or integrated with, your sales and production
  • Quickly find and process orders to be invoiced by projects, tickets, customers, or date
Memorized Invoices
  • Set up recurring invoices at set intervals and prices
Financial Wizardry
  • Sync with QuickBooks in a variety of ways
Customizable Contracts & Warranties
  • Sell and manage standard warranties, extended warranties, and related service… and know in advance when they expire!
Standard Reports Included
  • Cost of Goods Sold, Sales, Profit Margins, Retained Earnings, and much more!

Customer Service and Support

Field Service App
  • Field Service Tickets and service quotes, orders, shipping, documents, and photos
  • Mobile-friendly iPad App with robust interface so you control the content
Customer Order History
  • View the orders and products of any client
Document Management
  • Contextual document management system – view, print, or email any type of file!
Support Ticketing
  • Optional Online Service Ticketing and request system for your customers
RMA Functions
  • Authorize and manage returns, credits, return to stock, and more!

Administrative and Other Functions

Admin Control
  • User login by department, access privileges, and options to go anywhere in the solution, see scheduled tasks, etc.
  • Customize who sees or has access to different parts of the program
Pricing Tools
  • Cost and price your entire library of products, and the parts you use to build them
Ready-Made or Custom Reports
  • Many standard reports included, plus we can quickly create valuable custom reports for your unique business
Customizable Program Elements
  • Rename or suppress modules, replace graphics, make ProSTART MFG your own!
Calendar & Events
  • If needed, integrate production processes with ProSTART MFG’s calendar, estimates, projects, scheduled tasks, opportunities, and more!

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